REFLECTASEALâ„¢ brings you solutions for all of your waterproofing and restoration problems, whether roofs, floors or industrial applications. Our innovative epoxy formulations form lasting, seamless, waterproofing membranes that are resistant to abrasion in various degrees, and impervious to an array of corrosive substances.

These coatings can be applied to concrete, terrazzo, cinder block, brick, stone, glass, wood, metal, or asphalt, with excellent adhesion properties, while remaining flexible for years to allow for surface movement and resist thermal shock.

Unlike water-based waterproofing coatings, REFLECTASEALâ„¢ is a true epoxy that can be used where moist areas may prevent the use of other coatings. This means that in exterior applications, Reflectasealâ„¢ products may be applied in rainy days because the product will not wash out, even within a few minutes of treatment, and will remain impervious to pooled water.

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